Friendly Folio - Cue Script Scenes

All the lines and cue words for a character in a play are called a Part. When we are using only a portion of that, for one or two scenes, then we call it a Cue Script.

From preparing materials for our Classes and Workshops we have an unrivalled collection of Shakespeare scenes broken down into Cue Scripts and all using the Friendly Folio format - over 1000 of them, and these can be made available by special application.

Each scene would have a Prompt Script, all the relevant Cue Scripts, and a Platt for that particular scene. We presume that you would want a whole series of scenes to fit a particular class, or project, so also included in the package of Cue Script Scenes are a Chart of all the scenes with casting details, the guide Acting from a Cue Script, and the famous 20 Acting Clues on acting from Folio text.

Our Cue Script Scenes Packages can be two-handed, three-handed, or larger cast scenes, and range in size:

Short Scenes: Each actor being challenged with under 10 lines.
Medium Scenes: Each actor has between 10 and 30 lines.
Long Scenes: Each actor is challenged with between 30 and 60 lines.

We know that it is always a problem finding suitable scenes for a group consisting of a large number of women, so we have made a particular point of extracting all the possible scenes featuring female characters as well as scenes using women as youths. In particular, we have all those scenes with more women in them than men.

We can therefore provide a package of scenes for a particular group, of varying lengths, age requirements and male/female ratios, allowing your group to use Original Practices.

The Cue Script Scenes packages are available on special order, as each request would need to be tailored to your precise requirements, but a package of medium length scenes with parts for 8 men and 8 women would probably cost in the region of £20.

To discuss your requirements please get in touch with us, and pay us using the Custom Payment form.