The character of Aaron appears in the following play(s):

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Titus Andronicus Tragedy

Speeches By Aaron

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-540 Titus Andronicus 29 For shame be friends, and joyne for that you jar:
M-541 Titus Andronicus 21 I, that I had not done a thousand more:
M-542 Titus Andronicus 24 Indeede, I was their Tutor to instruct them
M-543 Titus Andronicus 25 Now climbeth Tamora Olympus toppe,
M-544 Titus Andronicus 24 Sooner this sword shall plough thy bowels up.
(My mistris is my mistris: this my selfe,)
M-545 Titus Andronicus 28 ’Twas her two Sonnes that murdered Bassianus,
(Indeede, I was their Tutor to instruct them)