Bastard (Philip)

The character of Bastard (Philip) appears in the following play(s):

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King John History

Speeches By Bastard (Philip)

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-650 King John 40 A foot of Honor better then I was,
(Well, now can I make any Joane a Lady,)
M-651 King John 32 By all the bloud that ever fury breath'd,
(To whip this dwarfish warre, this Pigmy Armes)
M-652 King John 24 By heaven, these scroyles of Angiers flout you kings,
(Be friends a-while, and both conjoyntly bend)
M-653 King John 21 Go, beare him in thine armes:
M-654 King John 38 Mad world, mad kings, mad composition:
M-655 King John 31 So on my soule he did, for ought he knew:
(But wherefore doe you droope? why looke you sad?/A cockred-silken wanton brave our fields,)