Edmond (Bastard)

The character of Edmond (Bastard) appears in the following play(s):

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King Lear Tragedy

Speeches By Edmond (Bastard)

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-463 King Lear 27 Perswade me to the murther of your Lordship,
(When I disswaded him from his intent,)
M-464 King Lear 24 The Duke be here to night? The better best,
(In cunning, I must draw my Sword upon you:)
M-465 King Lear 19 The Enemy’s in view, draw up your powers,
(To both these Sisters have I sworne my love:)
M-466 King Lear 19 (prose) This is the excellent foppery of the world, that
M-467 King Lear 22 Thou Nature art my Goddesse, to thy Law