The character of Imogen appears in the following play(s):

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Cymbeline Romance

Speeches By Imogen

Code Play Lines First Line  
W-570 Cymbeline 15 Away, I do condemne mine eares, that have
W-571 Cymbeline 33 False to his Bed? What is it to be false?
W-572 Cymbeline 27 I see a mans life is a tedious one,
W-573 Cymbeline 21 Oh for a Horse with wings: Hear'st thou Pisanio?
W-574 Cymbeline 23 Thou should'st have made him
(I would have broke mine eye-strings;)
W-575 Cymbeline 28 Thou told'st me when we came from horse, the place
W-576 Cymbeline 16 True honest men being heard, like false Æneas,
W-577 Cymbeline 35 Who, thy Lord? That is my Lord Leonatus?
(Oh for a Horse with wings: Hear'st thou Pisanio?)
W-578 Cymbeline 25 Why, I must dye:
(And if I do not by thy hand, thou art)
W-579 Cymbeline 42 Yes sir, to Milford-Haven, which is the way?