The character of Lear appears in the following play(s):

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King Lear Tragedy

Speeches By Lear

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-473 King Lear 34 Blow windes, and crack your cheeks; Rage, blow
(Rumble thy belly full: spit Fire, spowt Raine:)
M-474 King Lear 22 Howle, howle, howle: O you are men of stones,
M-475 King Lear 20 I, every inch a King.
M-476 King Lear 17 Ile tell thee: Life and death, I am asham'd
(Blastes and Fogges upon thee:)
M-477 King Lear 22 O reason not the need: our basest Beggers
M-478 King Lear 25 Returne to her? and fifty men dismiss’d?
(I prythee Daughter do not make me mad,)
M-479 King Lear 20 The King would speake with Cornwall,
(Fiery? The fiery Duke, tell the hot Duke that—)