The character of Leontes appears in the following play(s):

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The Winters Tale Romance

Speeches By Leontes

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-632 The Winters Tale 25 Ha' not you seene Camillo?
(Is whispering nothing?)
M-633 The Winters Tale 18 How blest am I
(With violent Hefts: I have drunke, and seene the Spider.)
M-634 The Winters Tale 29 To your owne bents dispose you: you'le be found
(Ynch-thicke; knee-deepe; o're head and eares a fork'd one.)
M-635 The Winters Tale 21 Too hot, too hot:
(I'fecks: Why that's my Bawcock: what? has't snatch'd thy Nose?)