The character of Richard appears in the following play(s):

Play Name Genre Buy Part
The second Part of Henry the Sixt History
The third Part of Henry the Sixt History
Richard the Third History

Speeches By Richard

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-838 The third Part of Henry the Sixt 72 I, Edward will use Women honourably:
(Would he were wasted, Marrow, Bones, and all,)
M-839 The third Part of Henry the Sixt 33 What? will the aspiring blood of Lancaster
M-858 Richard the Third 37 A thing devised by the Enemy.
(March on, joyne bravely, let us too't pell mell,)
M-859 Richard the Third 21 As I entend to prosper, and repent:
M-860 Richard the Third 30 Give me another Horse, bind up my Wounds:
M-861 Richard the Third 23 Goe after, after, Cousin Buckingham.
(Tell them, how Edward put to death a Citizen,)
M-862 Richard the Third 18 He cannot live I hope, and must not dye,
M-863 Richard the Third 37 I cannot tell, if to depart in silence,
(Alas, why would you heape this Care on me?)
M-864 Richard the Third 46 Looke what is done, cannot be now amended:
(And by that losse, your Daughter is made Queene.)
M-865 Richard the Third 39 Now is the Winter of our Discontent,
M-866 Richard the Third 31 Those eyes of thine, from mine have drawne salt Teares;
(Loe heere I lend thee this sharpe-pointed Sword,)
M-867 Richard the Third 37 Was ever woman in this humour woo'd?