The character of Titus appears in the following play(s):

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Titus Andronicus Tragedy

Speeches By Titus

Code Play Lines First Line  
M-552 Titus Andronicus 40 Come, come Lavinia, looke, thy Foes are bound,
M-553 Titus Andronicus 23 Come Marcus, come, kinsmen this is the way.
(Ah Rome! Well, well, I made thee miserable,)
M-554 Titus Andronicus 42 Faint-harted boy, arise and looke upon her,
(Thou hast no hands to wipe away thy teares,)
M-555 Titus Andronicus 27 Haile Rome:
(These that Survive, let Rome reward with Love:)
M-556 Titus Andronicus 26 Heare me grave fathers, noble Tribunes stay,
(Be pittifull to my condemned Sonnes,)
M-557 Titus Andronicus 25 O heere I lift this one hand up to heaven,
(If there were reason for these miseries,)
M-558 Titus Andronicus 43 So, so, now sit, and looke you eate no more
(Thou shalt not sighe nor hold thy stumps to heaven,)
M-559 Titus Andronicus 22 Why I have not another teare to shed:
(Beare thou my hand sweet wench betweene thy teeth:)