The character of Volumnia appears in the following play(s):

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Coriolanus Tragedy

Speeches By Volumnia

Code Play Lines First Line  
W-380 Coriolanus 23 (prose) I pray you daughter sing, or expresse your selfe
(To a cruell Warre I sent him, from whence he return’d, his browes bound with Oake.)
W-381 Coriolanus 25 If it be Honor in your Warres, to seeme
(Now it lyes you on to speake to th’people:)
W-382 Coriolanus 51 Nay, go not from us thus:
(That if thou conquer Rome, the benefit)
W-383 Coriolanus 32 Should we be silent and not speak, our Raiment
(Alas! how can we, for our Country pray?)