Friendly Folio - All's Well, that Ends Well

All's Well, that Ends Well is a comedy written by William Shakespeare...

Beginnings Available:

The complete package for a play's first 30 minutes, with all scripts and guides. The perfect introduction to Cue Script work in the classroom or workshop.

Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
577 11 (or 8 with doubling) 9 male, 2 female 34 to 38 mins

Parts / Sides in 'All's Well, that Ends Well':

250+ Lines:
King (of France)
Less Than 250 Lines:
Clowne (Lavatch)
Duke (of Florence)
First Lord
First Soldier (Interpreter)
Fourth Lord
Gentleman (Astringer)
Second Lord
Second Soldier
Third Lord


Code Character Lines First Line  
M-100 Bertram19 My wife my Leige? I shal beseech your highnes
(Pardon my gracious Lord: for I submit)
M-101 Bertram24 They told me that your name was Fontybell.
(But give thy selfe unto my sicke desires,)
M-102 Clowne (Lavatch)32 (prose) I have beene Madam a wicked creature, as you
(Y'are shallow Madam in great friends, for the)
M-103 King (of France)25 I would I had that corporall soundnesse now,
M-104 King (of France)28 Tis onely title thou disdainst in her, the which
M-105 Parrolles28 (prose) Ten a clocke: Within these three houres ’twill
(What the divell should move mee to undertake)
M-106 Parrolles27 (prose) There is none: Man setting downe before you,
(Virginity beeing blowne downe, Man will)
W-100 Countesse23 Ah what sharpe stings are in her mildest words?
(What Angell shall; My heart is heavie, and mine age is weake,)
W-101 Countesse19 Yes Hellen, you might be my daughter in law,
W-102 Countesse34 You know Hellen I am a mother to you.
(Nay a mother, why not a mother? when I sed a mother)
W-103 Helena25 Inspired Merit so by breath is bard,
W-104 Helena20 O were that all, I thinke not on my father,
W-105 Helena14 Our remedies oft in our selves do lye,
W-106 Helena26 Then I confesse,
(Here on my knee, before high heaven and you,)
W-107 Helena31 Till I have no wife I have nothing in France.
(Who ever shoots at him, I set him there.)