Friendly Folio - King Lear

King Lear is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare...

Beginnings Available:

The complete package for a play's first 30 minutes, with all scripts and guides. The perfect introduction to Cue Script work in the classroom or workshop.

Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
513 13 (or 11 with doubling) 10 male, 3 female 30 to 34 mins

Parts / Sides in 'King Lear':

250+ Lines:
Edmond (Bastard)
Less Than 250 Lines:
Albany Messenger
Cordelia Messenger
Old Man
Steward (Oswald)


Code Character Lines First Line  
M-460 Edgar21 I heard myselfe proclaim'd
M-461 Edgar19 List a breefe tale,
(Met I my Father with his bleeding Rings,)
M-462 Edgar23 Sit you downe Father: rest you.
M-463 Edmond (Bastard)27 Perswade me to the murther of your Lordship,
(When I disswaded him from his intent,)
M-464 Edmond (Bastard)24 The Duke be here to night? The better best,
(In cunning, I must draw my Sword upon you:)
M-465 Edmond (Bastard)19 The Enemy’s in view, draw up your powers,
(To both these Sisters have I sworne my love:)
M-466 Edmond (Bastard)19 (prose) This is the excellent foppery of the world, that
M-467 Edmond (Bastard)22 Thou Nature art my Goddesse, to thy Law
M-468 Foole20 He that has and a little-tyne wit,
(This is a brave night to coole a Curtizan:)
M-469 Foole32 Sirha, Ile teach thee a speech.
(Marke it Nuncle;/Why after I have cut the egge i'th'middle and)
M-470 Foole16 This is a brave night to coole a Curtizan:
M-471 Gloucester18 (prose) He cannot bee such a Monster. Edmond seeke
(These late Eclipses in the Sun and Moone)
M-472 Kent22 (prose) Fellow I know thee.
(A Knave, a Rascall, an eater of broken meates, a/What a brazen-fac’d Varlet art thou, to deny)
M-473 Lear34 Blow windes, and crack your cheeks; Rage, blow
(Rumble thy belly full: spit Fire, spowt Raine:)
M-474 Lear22 Howle, howle, howle: O you are men of stones,
M-475 Lear20 I, every inch a King.
M-476 Lear17 Ile tell thee: Life and death, I am asham'd
(Blastes and Fogges upon thee:)
M-477 Lear22 O reason not the need: our basest Beggers
M-478 Lear25 Returne to her? and fifty men dismiss’d?
(I prythee Daughter do not make me mad,)
M-479 Lear20 The King would speake with Cornwall,
(Fiery? The fiery Duke, tell the hot Duke that—)
W-460 Cordelia22 I yet beseech your Majesty.
(The Jewels of our Father, with wash'd eies)
W-461 Cordelia14 O my deere Father, restauratian hang
W-462 Cordelia16 O thou good Kent,
W-463 Gonerill19 Did my Father strike my Gentleman for chiding
(By day and night, he wrongs me, every howre)
W-464 Gonerill18 Not only Sir this, your all-lycenc’d Foole,
W-465 Gonerill18 This admiration Sir, is much o'th'savour
W-466 Regan24 I pray you Father being weake, seeme so.
(I dare avouch it Sir, what fifty Followers?)
W-467 Regan19 Why should she write to Edmund?
(I know your Lady do’s not love her Husband,)