Friendly Folio - Loves Labour's lost

Loves Labour's lost is a comedy written by William Shakespeare...

Beginnings Available:

The complete package for a play's first 30 minutes, with all scripts and guides. The perfect introduction to Cue Script work in the classroom or workshop.

Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
668 15 (or 12 with doubling) 9 male, 6 female 39 to 45 mins
576 (Short Version) 15 (or 12 with doubling) 9 male, 6 female 34 to 38 mins

Parts / Sides in 'Loves Labour's lost':

250+ Lines:
Ferdinand (King of Navarre)
Less Than 250 Lines:
Boy (Moth)
Clowne (Costard)
Dull (Constable)
Jaquenetta (Wench)


Code Character Lines First Line  
M-160 Armado18 (prose) I doe affect the very ground (which is base)
M-161 Berowne39 But Love first learned in a Ladies eyes,
M-162 Berowne24 Honest plain words, best pierce the ears of griefe
M-163 Berowne23 Neither of either, I remit both twaine.
(I see the tricke onít: Heere was a consent,)
M-164 Berowne34 Now step I forth to whip hypocrisie.
(Not you by me, but I betrayed to you.)
M-165 Berowne33 O, and I forsooth in love,
M-166 Berowne39 O 'tis more then neede.
(Have at you then affections men at armes,)
M-167 Berowne20 This fellow pickes up wit as Pigeons pease,
(He is Wits Pedler, and retailes his Wares,)
M-168 Berowne22 Thus poure the stars down plagues for perjury.
M-169 Berowne22 Why? all delights are vaine, and that most vaine
M-170 Boyet20 If my observation (which very seldome lies
(Why all his behaviours doe make their retire,)
M-171 Boyet30 Under the coole shade of a Siccamore,
M-172 Ferdinand (King of Navarre)20 Come sir, you blush: as his, your case is such,
M-173 Ferdinand (King of Navarre)23 Let Fame, that all hunt after in their lives,
(Our Court shall be a little Achademe,)
M-174 Ferdinand (King of Navarre)28 Madame, your father heere doth intimate,
M-175 Ferdinand (King of Navarre)21 (prose) So it is besieged with sable coloured melancholie, I (letter)
M-176 Ferdinand (King of Navarre)19 So sweete a kisse the golden Sunne gives not,
W-160 Princesse25 A time me thinkes too short,
W-161 Princesse22 Good Lord Boyet, my beauty though but mean,
W-162 Rosaline26 Oft have I heard of you my Lord Berowne,