Friendly Folio - Richard the Third

Richard the Third is a history written by William Shakespeare...

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Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
541 11 (or 8 with doubling) 9 male, 2 female 32 to 36 mins

Parts / Sides in 'Richard the Third':

250+ Lines:
Queene Elizabeth
Less Than 250 Lines:
Archbishop Messenger
Archbishop of Yorke
Bishop of Ely
Blunt (James)
Boy (Edward)
Brakenbury (Lieutenant)
Cardinal (Bourchier)
Christopher (Urswick)
Clarence (George)
Daughter (Margaret)
Duchesse of Yorke
First Citizen
First Messenger
First Murtherer
Fourth Messenger
King Edward (IV)
King Henry (VI)
Lady Anne
Lord Mayor
Priest (Sir John)
Prince Edward
Queene Margaret
Second Citizen
Second Messenger
Second Murtherer
Stanley (Derby)
Stanley Messenger
Third Citizen
Third Messenger
Young Prince
Young Yorke


Code Character Lines First Line  
G-850 Prince Edward21 Good Lords, make all the speedie hast you may.
M-850 Buckingham26 Hastings, and Edwards children, Gray and Rivers,
(Why then Al-soules day, is my bodies doomsday)
M-851 Buckingham24 Know then, it is your fault, that you resigne
(In this just Cause come I to move your Grace.)
M-852 Buckingham28 My Lord, this argues Conscience in your Grace,
(Refuse not, mightie Lord, this proffer’d love.)
M-853 Clarence (George)30 No, no, my Dreame was lengthen’d after life.
(Ah Keeper, Keeper, I have done these things)
M-854 Clarence (George)31 O, I have past a miserable night.
(Me thoughts that I had broken from the Tower,)
M-855 Hastings25 Woe, woe for England, not a whit for me,
(O bloody Richard: miserable England,)
M-856 King Edward (IV)33 Have I a tongue to doome my Brothers death?
M-857 Prince Edward21 Good Lords, make all the speedie hast you may.
M-858 Richard37 A thing devised by the Enemy.
(March on, joyne bravely, let us too't pell mell,)
M-859 Richard21 As I entend to prosper, and repent:
M-860 Richard30 Give me another Horse, bind up my Wounds:
M-861 Richard23 Goe after, after, Cousin Buckingham.
(Tell them, how Edward put to death a Citizen,)
M-862 Richard18 He cannot live I hope, and must not dye,
M-863 Richard37 I cannot tell, if to depart in silence,
(Alas, why would you heape this Care on me?)
M-864 Richard46 Looke what is done, cannot be now amended:
(And by that losse, your Daughter is made Queene.)
M-865 Richard39 Now is the Winter of our Discontent,
M-866 Richard31 Those eyes of thine, from mine have drawne salt Teares;
(Loe heere I lend thee this sharpe-pointed Sword,)
M-867 Richard37 Was ever woman in this humour woo'd?
M-868 Richmond27 Interre their Bodies, as become their Births,
(We will unite the White Rose, and the Red.)
M-869 Richmond35 Why then ’tis time to Arme, and give direction.
(More then I have said, loving Countrymen,)
M-870 Scrivener14 Here is the Indictment of the good Lord Hastings,
M-871 Stanley (Derby)21 Fortune, and Victory sit on thy Helme.
M-872 Tyrrel22 The tyrannous and bloudie Act is done,
W-850 Duchesse of Yorke25 Ah so much interest have I in thy sorrow,
W-851 Duchesse of Yorke26 No by the holy Rood, thou know’st it well,
(Either thou wilt die, by Gods just ordinance)
W-852 Lady Anne28 And I with all unwillingnesse will goe.
W-853 Lady Anne32 Set downe, set downe your honourable load,
W-854 Lady Anne25 What do you tremble? are you all affraid?
(Foule Divell, For Gods sake hence, and trouble us not,)
W-855 Queene Elizabeth18 Ah! who shall hinder me to waile and weepe?
(To make an act of Tragicke violence.)
W-856 Queene Elizabeth20 Heavens wrong is most of all:
W-857 Queene Margaret19 And leave out thee? stay Dog, for thou shalt heare me.
W-858 Queene Margaret18 Beare with me: I am hungry for revenge,
(Richard yet lives, Hels blacke Intelligencer,)
W-859 Queene Margaret34 I call'd thee then, vaine flourish of my fortune:
W-860 Queene Margaret27 What? were you snarling all before I came,