Friendly Folio - The Comedie of Errors

The Comedie of Errors is a comedy written by William Shakespeare...

Beginnings Available:

The complete package for a play's first 30 minutes, with all scripts and guides. The perfect introduction to Cue Script work in the classroom or workshop.

Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
596 9 (or 8 with doubling) 7 male, 2 female 35 to 40 mins
439 (Short Version) 6 (or 6 with doubling) 4 male, 2 female 26 to 29 mins

Parts / Sides in 'The Comedie of Errors':

250+ Lines:
Antipholus of Siracuse
Dromio of Siracuse
Less Than 250 Lines:
Abbesse (Æmilia)
Angelo (Goldsmith)
Antipholus of Ephesus
Dromio of Ephesus
Duke (Solinus)
Father (Egeon)
First Merchant
Second Merchant


Code Character Lines First Line  
M-140 Antipholus of Ephesus40 My Liege, I am advised what I say,
M-141 Antipholus of Siracuse24 Sweete Mistris, what your name is else I know not;
M-142 Antipholus of Siracuse11 There's not a man I meete but doth salute me
M-143 Dromio of Siracuse47 (prose) Doe you know me sir? Am I Dromio? Am I
(Marry sir, she's the Kitchin wench, and al grease,)
M-144 Dromio of Siracuse32 (prose) Doe you know me sir? Am I (Edited version)Dromio? Am I
M-145 Father (Egeon)64 A heavier taske could not have beene impos’d,
M-146 Father (Egeon)39 Oh had the gods done so, I had not now
W-140 Abbesse (Æmilia)19 And thereof came it, that the man was mad.
(The venome clamors of a jealous woman,)
W-141 Adriana37 I, I, Antipholus, looke strange and frowne,
W-142 Adriana25 May it please your Grace, Antipholus my husband,
W-143 Courtizan16 Now out of doubt Antipholus is mad,
W-144 Luciana28 And may it be that you have quite forgot