Friendly Folio - The First Part of Henry the Fourth

The First Part of Henry the Fourth is a history written by William Shakespeare...

Parts / Sides in 'The First Part of Henry the Fourth':

250+ Lines:
Hotspurre (Percie)
King Henry (IV)
Prince Hal
Less Than 250 Lines:
Archbishop of Yorke
Blunt (Walter)
First Carrier
Hostesse (Mistresse Quickly)
Lady Mortimer
Lady Percie
Ostler (Tom)
Poines (Pointz)
Prince John
Second Carrier
Second Messenger
Sir Michell


Code Character Lines First Line  
M-700 Falstaffe20 (prose) I am accurst to rob in that Theefe company: that
M-701 Falstaffe37 (prose) If I be not asham’d of my Souldiers, I am a
M-702 Falstaffe17 (prose) Imbowell’d? If thou imbowell mee to day, Ile
M-703 Falstaffe36 (prose) Peace good Pint-pot, peace good Tickle-braine.
(A goodly portly man yfaith, and a corpulent,)
M-704 Falstaffe14 (prose) Tis not due yet: I would bee loath to pay him
(Honor prickes me on.)
M-705 Gads-hill18 (prose) Sirra, if they meete not with Saint Nicholas Clarks,
(What talkest thou to me of the Hangman? If I)
M-706 Hotspurre (Percie)33 But soft I pray you; did King Richard then
(Nay then I cannot blame his Cousin King)
M-707 Hotspurre (Percie)41 My Liege, I did deny no Prisoners.
M-708 Hotspurre (Percie)24 Revolted Mortimer?
(Three times they breath’d, and three times did they drink)
M-709 Hotspurre (Percie)38 The King is kinde: And well wee know, the King
M-710 King Henry (IV)36 For all the World,
(Why, Harry, doe I tell thee of my Foes,)
M-711 King Henry (IV)64 Heaven pardon thee:
(Thy place in Councell thou hast rudely lost/He was but as the Cuckow is in June,)
M-712 King Henry (IV)30 Lords, give us leave:
(Thy place in Councell thou hast rudely lost,)
M-713 King Henry )IV)33 So shaken as we are, so wan with care,
(To chace these Pagans in those holy Fields,)
M-714 King Henry (IV)26 Yea, there thou mak'st me sad, and mak'st me sin,
(That some Night-tripping-Faiery, had exchang'd)
M-715 Prince Hal31 Doe not thinke so, you shall not finde it so:
M-716 Prince Hal24 For Wormes, brave Percy. Farewell great heart:
M-717 Prince Hal23 I know you all, and will a-while uphold
(Yet heerein will I imitate the Sunne,)
M-718 Prince Hal27 (prose) With three or foure Logger-heads, amongst 3
(when I am King of England, I shall command al the good Laddes in East-cheape)
M-719 Worcester42 It pleas’d your Majesty, to turne your lookes
(For you, my staffe of Office did I breake)
W-700 Lady Percie28 O my good Lord, why are you thus alone?