Friendly Folio - The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Gentlemen of Verona is a comedy written by William Shakespeare...

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Total Lines Characters Genders Running Time  
571 8 (or 7 with doubling) 5 male, 3 female 33 to 38 mins

Parts / Sides in 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona':

250+ Lines:
Less Than 250 Lines:
Duke (of Milan)
First Outlaw
Second Outlaw
Third Outlaw


Code Character Lines First Line  
G-340 Speed22 (prose) Shee that your worship loves?
(Marry by these speciall markes: first, you have)
M-340 Duke (of Milan)34 How shall I fashion me to weare a cloake?
(’Tis so: and heere’s the Ladder for the purpose.)
M-341 Duke (of Milan)25 Nay then no matter: stay with me a while,
(No, trust me, She is peevish, sullen, froward,)
M-342 Launce33 (prose) Nay, 'twill bee this howre ere I have done
M-343 Launce37 (prose) When a mans servant shall play the Curre with
M-344 Protheus20 As much as I can doe, I will effect:
(Say that upon the altar of her beauty)
M-345 Protheus31 I, I: and she hath offered to the doome
(Cease to lament for that thou canst not helpe,)
M-346 Protheus24 I will. Even as one heate, another heate expels,
M-347 Protheus28 My gracious Lord, that which I wold discover,
(Know (noble Lord) they have devis’d a meane)
M-348 Protheus43 To leave my Julia; shall I be forsworne?
M-349 Speed22 (prose) Shee that your worship loves?
(Marry by these speciall markes: first, you have)
M-350 Valentine18 And why not death, rather then living torment?
M-351 Valentine16 I Protheus, but that life is alter'd now,
M-352 Valentine17 What would your Grace have me to do in this?
(Win her with gifts, if she respect not words,)
W-340 Julia27 And she shall thanke you for't, if ere you know her.
(A vertuous gentlewoman, milde, and beautifull.)
W-341 Julia18 How many women would doe such a message?
W-342 Julia25 Now (by my modesty) a goodly Broker:
(And yet I would I had ore-look'd the Letter;)
W-343 Julia21 Oh, know'st thou not, his looks are my soules food?
(The more thou dam'st it up, the more it burnes:)
W-344 Julia23 She hath bin fairer (Madam) then she is,
(Therefore I know she is about my height,)
W-345 Julia21 That is the least (Lucetta) of my feare:
(But truer starres did governe Protheus birth,)
W-346 Julia30 This babble shall not henceforth trouble me;
(Oh hatefull hands, to teare such loving words;)
W-347 Silvia17 Had I beene ceazed by a hungry Lion,
(When Protheus cannot love, where he’s belov’d:)
W-348 Silvia26 Oh Eglamoure, thou art a Gentleman: