Secrets of Acting Shakespeare

Secrets of Acting Shakespeare - the original approach

Patrick Tucker, Routledge, 2002

This book documents the research and practical work of the Original Shakespeare Company, and Patrick's discoveries over years working with professional actors in all parts of the world. Buy from Amazon

First Folio Speeches for Men and First Folio Speeches for Women

First Folio Speeches for Men
& First Folio Speeches for Women

Patrick Tucker with Christine Ozanne, Oberon Books, 2004

These books were commissioned by LAMDA and give a wide selection of speeches with comprehensive notes for each piece as well as the full list of clues in the First Folio text. Buy From Amazon: For Men / For Women

The Actor's Survival Handbook

The Actor's Survival Handbook

Patrick Tucker & Christine Ozanne, Routledge, 2005

From their wide-ranging experience, the authors have compiled a comprehensive list of practical information and techniques, with do's and don't's galore! Plenty of anecdotal references and tips for all-comers, amateurs, students, young hopefuls and gnarled veterans! Topics covered range from Shakespeare to Screen acting. Buy from Amazon

Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan

Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan

Tiffany Stern, Routledge, 2000; paperback 2007

"The book provides a comprehensive survey of the whole process of theatre work, from the first consideration of a text to the first night and beyond. At the same time it offers an unsentimental account of the life in the theatre during 200 formative years, from which actors and directors in 'the business' can draw both fun and profit." (Essays in Criticism)
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Making Shakespeare

Making Shakespeare

Tiffany Stern, Routledge, 2004

"A fine synthesis of current wisdom relating to the workings of Shakespeare's theatre - an area which has not always (or rarely so engagingly) presented the artistic implications of historical context... Making Shakespeare is so sensible and clear that I hope teachers and others interested in the context of Shakespearean production will put it at the top of their reading lists." (Times Literary Supplement) Buy from Amazon

Shakespeare in Parts

Shakespeare in Parts

Simon Palfry and Tiffany Stern, OUP, 2007

The first book to consider the interpretive ramifications of writing in parts, this combines original theatre history with literary criticism, suggesting an active, choice-ridden actor, and an active, choice-ridden Shakespeare. Rarely has so much new and exciting information about Shakespeare been gathered in a single study. Buy from Amazon

Documents of Performance in Early Modern England

Documents of Performance in Early Modern England

Tiffany Stern, Cambridge, 2009

As well as 'play-makers' and 'poets', playwrights of the early modern period were known as 'play-patchers' because their texts were made from separate documents. This book is the first to consider all the papers created by authors and theatres by the time of the opening performance, recovering types of script not previously known to have existed. As performance documents were easily lost, relegated or reused, the story of a play's patchy creation also becomes the story of its co-authorship, cuts, revisions and additions. This is the most revealing and fascinating book on Shakespeare I have ever read since I started my Shakespeare journey over 30 years ago - PT. Buy from Amazon

Acting from Shakespeare's First Folio

Acting from Shakespeare's First Folio

Don Weingust, Routledge, 2006

Don Weingust examines approaches to the First Folio with an eye to releasing the kinds of information that would be useful in performance. This book is a valuable contribution to current debate among students of Shakespearean staging, dramaturgy, and Renaissance drama, and reveals enhanced possibilities for Shakespearean performance. (With many specific references to the OSC). Buy from Amazon

Award Monologues for Men and Award Monologues for Women

Award Monologues for Men
& Award Monologues for Women

Patrick Tucker & Christine Ozanne, Routledge, 2007

These are monologue books with a difference. The authors have decided to select only speeches from plays that have won, or been nominated for major Awards in New York and London from 1980 onwards, or from a performance by an actor similarly honoured. This guarantees quality of writing, and the strong possibility of new material.
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Secrets of Screen Acting

Secrets of Screen Acting (Second Edition)

Patrick Tucker, Routledge, 1994; 2003

A comprehensive (all you ever wanted to know) in depth investigation into the craft of acting for the camera. Buy from Amazon

Planned Future Publication

You, Thee & Shakespeare

An in depth analysis of the uses of You and Thee in the plays of Shakespeare. This analysis is not reliant upon using the First Folio text, since modern editors leave them entirely alone. Christine will relay her findings from her discoveries in each play, and Patrick will draw attention to the theatrical differences between 'you' and 'thee', and give a wide range of examples taken from the entire cannon.